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So, in this article I'm going to be sharing my top 3 best web hosting providers that are also cheap. And, while every single provider on this list offers top-notch performance for a low price they'll use different pricing models. So, read this till the end section to find out which ones work best for you.Here i have listed the best linux server.The best windows hosting and linux hosting


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At first position we have InterServer, a hosting provider that has been around since 1999 but escaped the radar of most consumers by being overpowered in marketing by giant corporations like HostGator,   Bluehost or GoDaddy domain and hosting. InterServer is offering the  cheap and flexible hosting especially when   you consider all of the extra features that their plan includes. One huge advantage of InterServer   is that they don't require you to pay them hundreds or thousands of dollars up front. You can be billed $5 per month(which is approximately rupees 364.82 in india).  You see, most web hosting providers advertise monthly prices but they either only offer 1, 2 or 3 year subscription periods, where you pay the full period for front, or worse.Their monthly prices are 2 to 3 times higher than the yearly ones. Forcing you to pay a huge more if you want to be billed monthly. These videos take an incredibly long time to properly   test, research, and then present and if I want to keep my content honest I can only   monetize through google adsense. So, another keyadvantage when it comes to pricing at InterServer is their price lock guarantee which makes you completely resistant to any price increases in the future. For example,   recently SiteGround has almost doubled their prices and everyone that was using SiteGround had to pay the increased price because it's in their terms of service. They can change  the price any time they wish and you'll be forced to pay them the increased amount or switch. InterServer makes your account immune to any further price increases upon purchase, the amount you pay when   signing up is the amount your account has locked in!Well if you are looking for free hosting then check here

Their standard shared web hosting plan is a   1 size fits all and actually it's probably enough for like 90% of website owners. Because  for the price that you're paying, you're getting a lot of resources and premium features.   What if I need some more storage space, you might ask? Well, it's unlimited at InterServer. Okay, maybe I'll need more traffic? Nope, still unlimited. More email accounts? My dude it's unlimited.But... but what about SSL, Content Delivery (i.e, CDN), Backups and everything's fine.. everything you need is for $5 a month, you're getting   every premium feature there is. I've used the InterServer automatic installation software to create a basic WordPress site that looks something like this within 5 to 10 minutes. I wanted to test   out their loading speed. So, my website loaded in 1.3 seconds and had a 0.2 second time to first   byte response, which is an incredibly fast result. Most of the hosting providers charge you  from $20 to $50 a month for plans that are this fast(i.e, the premium plans). The only real problem with InterServer if you choose to go   with it is their control panel, that's a bit outdated. About how it looks in the back end while it does use the standard cPanel that you can reach quite easily. It's just not something  that's very easy to get used to if you've used a Cpanel or say a modern control panel before. And in my opinion, their  Cpanel is by far the weakest thing. Overall, you're just getting a good set of features for   a good price and you can be billed a small amount each month while getting exceptionally   good performance. InterServer isn't like a super well-known hosting provider but they do have their own data centers and the people behind the hosting service seem to care more about customers than profits. If you're   interested in InterServer then you can go with their $5 plan.Well it is the first one in this list let's move on to the second!


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The second hosting provider that's getting traction quite fast by offering cheap and powerful web hosting plans is Hostinger. The focus point of Hostinger is their newest technology like Litespeed servers,Google Cloud infrastructure, PHP 7.4 and HTTP/2 support while offering extremely cheap plans.You will get 10 GB storage space is much for 1 site,a free SSL to encrypt your site 100 GBs of bandwidth will also allow you to have anywhere   from 15000 to 25000 unique visitors per month depending on your website size of course.In the matter of performance even the cheapest plan holds up quite well.But in general Hostinger offers really good performance. The control panel is also   awesome.They keep investing in new technology and new innovations if you want to get yourself some cheap and reliable web hosting then I prefer you to buy Hostinger.


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 And the last provider that is in this article is a bit different. Cloudways is a very powerful solution that does require any degree of technical knowledge but if you setup properly you'll get hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of performance by spending just a couple of bucks.Cloudways allows you to rent a virtual private server(i.e, VPS) from the top providers like Google or   Amazon and set everything up for you. They also provide you an easy to use control panel to manage   your server and website signing up is absolutely free and you don't even need a credit card, you only need a mobile number and an active email address. And, you can try their hosting service completely free of cost for 3 days just to get a feel of a premium hosting account if it's something that you're interested in Controlling your Cloudways server is as easy as your shared hosting account (i.e, in Cpanel) and you do get a free SSL,a firewall and automated website updates thrown in for free. 

But what makes it truly cheap is that they use an hourly billing system and you only have to pay for what you use everyday. You can manually manage how powerful you want your server to be using their slider and you'll only pay for the storage and bandwidth you take up on their servers.Well or the ones you're renting for,meaning if you don't have many visitors, you're not using much resources you'll barely have to pay anything. The Cloudways resource management system makes sure that you never need to worry about your website upgrades because just using their sliders you can make your website use more or less resources and your price will change accordingly to your resources.Of course you can always examine what you're paying for by going into the real-time billing section and seeing just exactly what they're taking your money for. Since Cloudways is offering VPS or   virtual private servers you can expect better than average performance for a fraction of the cost.The extra power you get is great for running affiliate website so I did the exact same test as I did with Hostinger and InterServer. And Cloudways won!! it is the fastest out of all of the others in this article!With a stunning speed of 1.2 second loading time and just 0.2 second time to first bite. While all  three hosting providers on this list offer better than average performance for their cost, which one should you choose? Well in my opinion if you want to pay a small amount each month and cancel that (i.e, their hosting) any time if you don't like the service go for InterServer. If you're not afraid of upfront   costs go with Hostinger, of course you will have to commit for at least 3 or 4 years but the prices are generally the lowest in the market and you will get anywhere for the service that they're providing. You'll get to use the newest technologies in hosting and a modern Cpanel with all of the premium features and if you want something with a lot of power and full control over what you're paying for go with Cloudways.

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